Friday, February 3, 2012

{my week in food}

in addition to a decorating kick,
i've also been on a cooking one.
this week, i was all about trying new things.
i made bread from scratch for the first time, as well as dumplings.
the former i will definitely be making lots more of;
the latter, while i enjoyed them, the process was not quite worth it for me.

SUNDAY // buttermilk roast chicken, garlic cheesy bread
& arugula with light ranch dressing

MONDAY // green enchiladas -- i am obsessed with these.
i used leftover chicken from sunday & made my own tomatillo salsa.
the roasted garlic takes it up a notch (the heavy cream doesn't hurt either).

WEDNESDAY // spinach & ricotta dumplings 
with shrimp & mushrooms in cream reduction
note :: i used cremini mushrooms & 1 cup more flour in the batter than the recipe calls for.
the measurements in the recipe are in the metric system. let me help you out with that ::
            500 g ricotta = just over 1 lb
            75 g butter = 6 tbl.. but i probably only used around 3 or 4.

this dumpling recipe made 30+ medium-size dumplings!!
i'd probably cut it in half next time; we still have lots left.

do you have any favorite bread recipes? i'd love for you to share them with me :)
the one i made this weekend was a baguette of sorts,
perfect paired with dinner, but i'd love to try a sandwich bread,
preferably of the whole-grain variety.



Dancing Branflake said...

Holy night you eat well! This is restaurant quality stuff!

The only bread recipe I use is Betty Crocker. Can't beat the Betty.

Jaclyn said...

just found your blog, great recipes!

Beth @ the city said...

yum! when can I come over?! ;-) Is that the buttermilk chicken from Smitten Kitchen?
This is the bread recipe I've used. I usually half it, but I've also substituted 2 c whole wheat flour and it turned out well. I want to buy their book!

Sarah-Anne said...

whoa, you eat gourmet! <3

Anna Elder said...

I've seen all of these on instagram and drooled over all of them. you're such a good cook! You need to share your favorite recipes! :)

becca said...

good gracious, what deliciousness.

can you tell me what you do with those tomatillos? what are they like? so intruiging! I never know what to do with them.

Sandy a la Mode said...

the food in this post looks amazing!! drooling here!!

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