Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Just in time for Christmas.

i hate to do another shop-related post, but wanted to fill you guys in on the deal i'm running on Groopdealz from now through Thursday! my popular pine cone necklace is 42% off, with discounted shipping ($2.75)! on top of that, it's guaranteed to ship in time for Christmas, so you can give it as a Christmas gift (it's ok to get yourself a Christmas gift too. just sayin') there's only a limited number available, so i'd snag one sooner than later.

i would be super grateful if you felt like sharing this deal on twitter/facebook/your social media outlet of choice (you can actually do it from the deal page itself when you hover over the photo). thanks guys!! i'll check in soon with a more interesting (less self-promoting) post ;)


becca said...

so adorable!

Meg said...

hey meg hope you're doing well! xo meg