Saturday, June 20, 2009

P is for Peonies.

I absolutely ADORE peonies. They are so lush and so lovely. And very romantic. This is why I chose them as our primary wedding flower. I even wore one in my hair on our wedding day :)

My neighbor was kind enough to let me snip a couple of peonies from her peony bush the other day and, of course, I had to take some pictures. I just love photographing flowers.

Every time I look at them I smile. It is so unfortunate they bloom so briefly ever year.. I am so glad our wedding just so happened to be during peony season. :)

My obsession with peonies inspired me to do a little search on Etsy, and I found some beautiful things. I am hoping to create a treasury with these lovelies.

Peony Yo-Yo Necklace

Peony Baby/Bridal Shower Invitation -- Set of 10

Ivory Peony --- Bride head piece-hair pin

Sorbet...5x5 Fine Art Print

Peony 2- Signed Fine Art Photograph

1 comment:

{kara} said...

oh my goodness! As you know, you and I share a love for peonies. I most of all love that necklace... I want it!
Have a great weekend!