Sunday, July 26, 2009

home sweet home.

i had a very full week. actually, my weeks have frequently been very full as of late. tuesday thru wednesday i went on my very first business trip! i went to nashville with a couple of co-workers to scout out the hotel we are hosting out next convention [in october] and it is GORGEOUS! it's called the hutton.. i'm pretty pumped to stay there for FREE! i'm hoping joel will be able to come because i found out that his dad lives only 30-some miles north of nashville, so we could go pay him a visit. it would be the first time i've ever met him and the first time in years that joel's seen him.

thursday thru just a little while ago, i was in mt. pleasant [where i went to college] for the midwest fest. goodnight house played thursday night and camerata played friday night. so, so, SO much fun!!! i think that's the best time i've ever had playing with camerata. it was fun re-living the college life again for a few days, a.k.a. going out every night and staying up well past 2 AM (one night i even made it till 5!!). but it is also nice to be home... although i am very, VERY ready for a new home consisting solely of me, my hubbs, and my maggers.

soon enough.

some exciting news -- joel has an interview with oakland university for an academic advisor position on august 5. PLEASE send your prayers his way.. this would be an AMAZING opportunity, and it would change everything for us. it is hard to even fathom having money left over after all of the bills are paid.. we could actually start paying off our ridiculous amount of debt!! even if he doesn't get this job or the other one he is applying for, he will definitely have an assistantship that will pay for his Ph.D and provide a stipend. praise God!!

with all that's been going on, it's been hard to find any time to create. i did make a few pair of earrings that i really adore. i think they're my new favorite to make.

agua earrings.

pretty in pink (and green).

i recently made a necklace (which sold instantly!) that matches the above pair of earrings.

lolita necklace.

i will be making more of these very soon :) hopefully, next weekend since i will finally have some free time! :D

have a wonderful week!


Maggie Whitley said...

dear prettythingsbymeg --

please make more necklaces. they are super beautiful :)


Anonymous said...

Just stumbled across you blog through Ms. Maggie's! You are too cute and those necklaces are something else. Going to follow you along so I can see what fun things you come with next. Have a great week!

Nikki said...

Meg, I love that necklace. (I feel like I might have said that already but I don't care bygolly I'm sayin it again cuz that's how much I like it!)