Thursday, July 30, 2009

just one sale away...

first off, i would like to thank my wonderful friend maggie (or shall i say gussy) for featuring my jewelry in her blog today! gussy has gained quite an impressive following in the past several months, so I know many eyes will be taking in my creations. thanks love!!

secondly, i've decided that once i hit 100 sales in my etsy shop (i'm currently at 99!), i am going to host a special sale. this way EVERYONE will be a winner :) all jewelry will be 10% off. if you buy a second piece of jewelry, it will be 15% off, and if you buy a third, it will be 20% off! in addition, you will get free shipping if you become a follower of my blog or if you already are one. please let me know either way in the "message to seller" box when making a purchase. this sale will start once i make that 100th sale and will last for a full week thereafter! all refunds will be given via paypal. i will take the highest percentage off the highest-priced item (i hate when stores don't do that!)

yay for sales!! i'll let you all know when it starts!


Maggie Whitley said...

megan, megan, megan -- your celebratory sale idea is genius. i love it :) and i did see you are at 99 sales... HOORAY! :) isn't that amazing. i'm really glad i could help. please let me know if i can do a giveaway for you on my blog. now wouldn't that be fun? :)

are we meeting saturday? please tell me yes... ha ha


{kara} said...

Hi Meg! Your jewelry is amazing! I know i have seen it before and meant to buy something but am so glad that Maggie reminded me. I get paid next friday and I think I am going to be going shopping!
Beautiful items! Good luck!