Wednesday, August 12, 2009

love letter machines.

i would really like a typewriter.

like this seafoam green one:

or perhaps this red one:

this one is my favorite, but sadly it is sold out:

never mind, i just found a new fave:

a pink typewriter? i am in love. too bad it's $390... i would put a typewriter on my b-day list for joel (a much cheaper model of course), but, alas, we are not doing birthday gifts this month...

because we are saving up for a deposit/first month's rent to move here in just a few short weeks! :D

tooootally worth it.

i actually had already purchased a (non-refundable) b-day gift for joel before this place came into the picture (oops). i am really excited about it though and wish i could tell you all what it is, but there is a very good chance that joel will be reading this, and i can't give away the surprise. though i'm sure he was hoping otherwise.. sorry joel ;)

have a wonderful wednesday!!

1 comment:

Maggie Whitley said...

ha ha, i know joel's birthday surprise :)

and i love the typewriters... so cute!