Tuesday, August 4, 2009

a plethora of things.

i love using the word 'plethora'. it rolls off the tongue like butta.

first thing i'd like to mention:

i was awarded my very first blog award yesterday :)

it came from the lovely duchess of tea. her blog is called rose tea cottage, "where tea is served at half past four." the duchess is a brit (if you didn't guess) who loves anything and everything british, from the cottages to castles, gardens to the countryside. i love reading her blog (and looking at her lovely photos) because it is, well, lovely and because it causes me to reminisce about when i lived in london for a semester during college :)

in other news, I'VE JOINED TWITTER! i really resisted for quite some time now because i didn't want to get entangled in another social networking site, but it is another free advertising opportunity, after all. i actually quite like it; its simplicity is refreshing. and plus, i can follow celebrities like zooey deschanel (my female crush) along with my favorite radio talk shows like on point. i'm not quite as interesting, but you should still follow me :)

i have just in the last couple of days begun my search for a new place to live (eeeeee!), and today i found a flat in downtown rochester, literally around the corner from where i work. i peeked inside the windows and it looks just perfect for us. the kitchen is pretty teeny, but i can deal. it has a SUNROOM! now i know this can only be enjoyed for like 4 months out of the year since winter lasts most of the year here (i want to start crying when i think about it), but still. during that time, it can be my jewelry-creating space :D i've yet to have one of those (my "space" right now is the end table in our bedroom -- not cool).

hopefully we will be able to snag this cutie up before anyone else gets the chance.. i am already praying hard!!

hmmm, what else.... oh yes, my hubby joel has a big interview tomorrow at OU, and it would be awesome if you could say a little prayer for him :) it would be an amazing opportunity for him.

and, lastly, i might as well throw in some pics of some new jewelry i made over the weekend :)

florence bracelet:

amber earrings:

plum earrings:

venetian necklace:


Maggie Whitley said...

awww, Meg! That bracelet is so cute, the house is so cute!!! we'll be praying hard for you guys. see you thursday night?


{kara} said...

ahh you are so darn talented!