Monday, September 28, 2009

{the gypsy faire}

i had my very first art fair experience this weekend at the gypsy faire in almont :) it was a cold and rainy day (after days and days of warmth & sunshine), which made for meager traffic, but still i made some sales, met some wonderful people, and had a lovely time. i am thankful my sis and mom were there to keep me company :)

me & my sis Amanda

the lady to the right of us was selling cozy handmade wool mittens. she brought along with her a wool-y sheep and goat from her farm. boy, were they ever cute. i wanted to take one home with me.

Sweetie, the sheep

Cosmos, the goat


{kara} said...

the outcome of outdoor shows is so hard to predict. You and your sister look adorable. I would buy something from you based on that alone!

Rachael said...

You and your sis are too cute! (p.s. I love your headband!)