Tuesday, December 8, 2009

{a pink Christmas}

i don't know if you noticed or not, but i enjoy the color pink. a lot. 
i'm pretty sure everyone knows that about me.
i have a really hard time not including an element of pink in any given outfit. it doesn't feel complete without it.
neurotic, i know.

i have an obsession with making pink things.
exhibit A:

these pretties were just added to my shop today.
they are made with vintage mauve sequins from France.
these come in four other colors.
the antique white pair has already been posted.
the other three will be added over the next few days,
so stay tuned ;)

oh, and another thing regarding my shop - i'm offering FREE U.S. and international shipping through Christmas :)
and now it is time for slumber. i am mega tired because i have been going to bed way too late every night,
and my body does not appreciate it.


1 comment:

xoxo said...

would've never guessed you liked pink...LOL. lovely earrings. I heart pink too...Ssshhh, don't tell.