Sunday, January 24, 2010

{food comas and new designs}

last night hubby and i had peruvian roasted chicken with aji verde sauce,
homemade spanish rice and sliced avocado.

{it was yummy. you should try it.}
{the recipe came from a fantastic food blog i just started following.}
next, hubby and puppy fell into a food coma and took a little siesta on the couch.

i just showed this photo to joel and he said he has no recollection of this point in time.

that was last night. last night comprised of eating and relaxing.

today, however, i was busy, busy, busy taking lots of photos & packaging orders.
a little while ago, i posted a brand-new pair of earrings to my etsy shop:
the leaves of glass earrings pictured below.

i am in love with them.
they were actually already snatched up, BUT as soon as i get my hands on some more of the mint green vintage beads, i will surely make more {including a pair for myself}
they should be up again within the next week or so.

there are another NEW pair of earrings up for grabs in my shop.
a similar design was available sometime ago, but then i ran out of the beads i used.
luckily, i recently stumbled upon some even prettier beads to use.
they're amazonite {a mineral from the Amazon River}.

one last thing ---> you should give a looksie to the treasury i just created on Etsy!
it consists of a palette of shades of rose and turquoise,
two of my most favorite colors
(as if i really needed to tell you that... just look at my jewelry)!

goodnight all!


my name is lauren. said...

so glad you started following my blog and actually commented! you'd be surprised (well...probably not cause i'm sure it happens to you too) how many people become "followers" of a blog and then NEVER comment. anyway, i'm glad you did because then i found yours, and i am absolutely a follower now.

i'm loving everything about your blog, and i LOVE all of your pretty jewelry. and i really enjoyed your etsy treasury...those two lovely colors are two of my faves too ♥. ALSO....we have quite a few things in common...i noticed this as i was stalking your "about me" section. hopefully you don't think i'm a creepy stalker now. promise i'm not. i just like to get all the facts before i commit to following a blog :).

anyway....super long comment. sorry. yay for new blog friends!

Elizabeth said...

This is my first visit to your blog, very cute...and I love the photos of your jewelry. What sort of camera are you using? Everything looks so sharp!

Maggie Whitley {Gussy} said...

I saw the amazonite pair and loved them!

I love your new stuff :) you do such a fantastic job picking out beads, Meg :)

heather said...

hi meg! i just received earrings from you in the mail [the vintage-style turquoise lovelies] & i am IN LOVE with them!! thank you so much... you have a beautiful talent! <3