Wednesday, January 13, 2010

{our future nest}

i definitely look forward to the day my hubby and i own
our very own place
and have the freedom to do with it what we please.

i am going to have a slendid time dressing it up to reflect my style.
oh, i mean our styles ;)
and creating a warm, cozy, and compelling space

a place where i will love to be.
and where others {family & friends} will love to be.

 aren't these spaces just lovely {and inspiring}?
i would take any of them in a heartbeat.

if i had to choose just one that best fits my style i think it'd be the kitchen.
{though the white, anthropologie-esque living room is a very close 2nd}.

i just adore the cream-colored old-school cupboards.
and in my opinion, turquoise is the perfect color for a kitchen.
it pervades my current kitchen in the form of colanders,
teapots, vases, stockpots (thank you, Martha Stewart.)
i just can't seem to get enough of it.

another thing i love about the room is the abundance of light.
i like sunlight. a lot.
particularly in the wintertime when we here in the
mitten state get very little of it.
i felt it today for the first time in what seemed like weeks
and it felt absolutely glorious.


Maggie Whitley {Gussy} said...

YES! I can finally leave a comment :)

comment #1: i love your new blog layout!

Maggie Whitley {Gussy} said...

comment #2: i love your new bangs ♥

Maggie Whitley {Gussy} said...

comment #3: LOOOOVE those pictures! are they all from the same home? super, super cute :)

Maggie Whitley {Gussy} said...

ok, i am done now. thank you ;)

Meg said...

ah! sunlight... we all need more of that this time of year! it's still dark here, it's so depressing :(

Hi, I'm Rachael said...

Have fun decorating! I wish I OWNED a place. (But I have fun decorating my little rental anyway.) I agree with you, SUNLIGHT is the perfect home accessory.

{kara} said...

Hi can I move in to all of these? These are all great! PS Your blog looks fabulous!