Monday, January 18, 2010

{new packaging + new photos}

expect to see several posts from me today...

i have the day off, and i'm in a blog-posting kinda mood.

my hubby also has the day off. he is mixing music/spending q.t. with our dog magglio.


doesn't maggs look like a lion in the second photo?
hehe, oh how i love him so.

i took some new photos of my pretty in pink (and green) earrings the other day because the original ones were a bit fuzzy. luckily, it was a bright, sunshine-y day when i took these ones.

i also have some pretty new packaging for my jewelry:

new boxes + new tags + new twine {in a variety of colors}

before i go make me and hubbs some grilled cheese & tomato soup for lunch,
i wanted to share a fabulous FOOD blog i just came across!

though i am not an official Weight Watcher,
i am definitely all about watching my weight.
however, i will never sacrifice eating yummy food to do so. no siree.
which is why i'm happy to have stumbled upon this blog, which
features lots of delicious yet healthy recipes,

do you know of any fabulous food blogs?
please do share!!


vintage simple said...

I love the shots of your husband and dog - adorable. And yes. My faves:

(food and musings from a super hip, wonderful woman in LA)

(beautiful photography and gorgeous words and thoughts to go with them for an equally wonderful woman)


Hi, I'm Rachael said...

Oh yum! I was wanting to try a new and fun dish to beat the winter blues. This might do the trick.

I periodically check out Wondering Chopsticks for some tasty fare. ( I highly recommend the Pumpkin Ravioli with Browned Butter Sage Sauce.

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

Oh my that dog is great!

Sam said...

Your dog is the cutest!!!
And those earrings are beautiful :)
A food blog I follow is

And I'm new to your blog :) Found it from Chloe's twitter, which was funny because I JUST posted on my blog how to make a blog button and scroll box and you just so happened asked about making one!