Monday, January 25, 2010

{time to get organized!}

organization is not so much my forte. not so much at all.

to the outsider, my house always appears quite neat. everything is usually in its place.
however, as soon as you peek into a cupboard or a closet, chaos ensues.
trust me, it is not a pretty sight.

sooo, one of my new year's resolutions is to get organized!
i haven't started on the cuboards/closets yet,
but i have started to get my etsy business in order in a few different ways.

one thing i haven't covered yet is finding a organization system for my beads and supplies that makes it easy to find what i'm looking for... (you think i would have that by now!)

i'm thinking something like this would be just perfect!
i just spotted this on the blog Everything Etsy.
isn't is neat?? it's an old tool drawer repurposed for storing sewing supplies.
now i just need to find me an old tool drawer...

how do you guys stay organized? any tips for me??


Mellisa Rock said...

I think that is a wonderful organizing shelf!! I want it!! I wish that I had some tips...I am an unorganized mess too! Hope if you find some - you post them!

Elizabeth said...

Honestly, I throw stuff out to get organized. So bad, I know. I don't really have a system, but I should get one. I may become a tupperware bin lady. They seem handy for stowing fabric and notions.

DIANA DYE said...

I live in L.A and Thrift stores just fall from the sky really they are so many!!♥ I found a wonderful furniture closet yea it was a closet and my friend helped out and now it looks like your picture but bigger it’s fantastic and I must go visit your shop! I usually organize my thinks by color that’s just hoe my brain works.Your blog seems so witty and amazing so classy and whimsical love the puppy he’s adorable! Love the blog I have to go drink some tea now love the blog! Take care and keep-up the good work♥

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

I'm the same way. I get so busy doing stuff that I end up putting it up in a not-so-organized way! I spent an hours working on a few baskets in my craft room today. How is my fabric ever going to stay neat if I don't take the time to clean up properly...oh I could go on. :)

I'm hoping that I can sell and give away a ton of stuff and make it easier to clean. That's the best tip I have...less stuff!


Elizabeth said...

I'm back with another suggestion. I blogged about that little Parisian shop yesterday...and another blogger said that stacking crates on their side (like in the second picture) is a great way to organize crafts. I think we should try it and call it Parisian organization :)