Thursday, February 11, 2010

{dottie angel}

i stumbled upon the most lovely handmade blog the other evening,
and my eyes were very happy.
dottie angel, a.k.a Tiff, is a Brit and mother of four. in her spare time, she makes
beautiful things that make me swoon.

beautiful things like these wall hangings:

according to her blog, these will be available in her shop next Thursday.
i really, really, really want one.
Tiff's home decor is just stunning and feminine as her handmade lovelies.
i love the mix of colors, patterns and fabrics she uses.
these spaces are just perfect.

i though this was pretty neat: 
Tiff has challenged herself to buy only handcrafted or secondhand goods
for her house & her own closer for an entire year.

you can read more about the challenge here.
i am pondering joining the challenge... it is so inspiring!
for a start, i am definitely going to start thrifting more often.
perhaps i will start documenting my finds on here.

do you enjoy thrifting?
what are some of your most treasured finds?


Meg said...

i do love to go thrifting, but i often don't have the patience for it. hopefully soon though, d and i are going to dedicate an afternoon to thrifting to find some beautiful old frames that we can spruce up, to make our the posters covering our apartment walls look a little more professional and grownup!

{kara} said...

hi friend! I love this blog, will go and follow this artist and I love that challenge. I pretty much follow that rule {buy lots of hand made} but I will have to try and do it a little more often!

I have so many treasured finds but my favorite is a probably my bookshelf which was an old chicken coop. It is shabby, white, perfect and best of all, it was free!

Rachael said...

Thanks for the inspiration! I've become somewhat of a thrifting geek lately (more out of necessity than any other reason). I always love a good once-loved find though, and Tiff's decor is so cute.

Ida Nielsen said...

Oh, I want to live in her home. Looks so homey and cosy!!
And what a great challenge! I'm tempted to join!

boots said...

wow i love those quilted love notes... i want to leave work and go make one right now!