Tuesday, February 16, 2010

yay for crochet!

so about a year ago, i bought a pattern for a crocheted hat from
this lovely lady, having never before picked up a crochet needle.
i tried teaching myself the art of crochet via youtube videos, but after many failed attempts, i gave up.

a few months ago, i visited said lovely lady in chicago
and she taught me the art she has so beautifully mastered :)

i just finally got around to finishing the hat tonight, and though it is certainly not perfect,
i just love it!
it has a bow on it!
i most definitely have a weakness for bows.
if you haven't yet, you must visit the etsy shop of the lovely lady who provided this pattern,
ms. (soon-to-be-mrs.) lindsey, of hooked on crochet.

this girl has mad crocheting skills.
she crochets anything from hats, scarves & mittens, to baby bibs (SO cute!), purses & coasters.
her pieces are vibrant with lovely, feminine details (like scalloped edges ). 
 added bonus: they are also extremely affordable.

i heart them all, but here are just a few of my favorites:
pink confetti brooch (no shipping!)
sweet as honey purse 


Sabine, La Marquise des anges said...

very pretty and thnaks for the link to this great shop !!

Lindsey said...

yay i'm so happy you finished!!! it looks great!!

also thanks for the blog love! you're the best! :)

i wish we lived closer so we could have craft time together!

Meg said...

so cute - you make me wish i was handier with that kind of stuff!

CupcakeSniper said...

Omg I absolutely adore your crocheted hat!! It's absolutely beautiful! And that bow!!!! You should make more and sell them ;)

Sam said...

your hat is really cute! i love bows too :)

Lauren said...

the hat is adorable! :)

Elizabeth said...

So it does help to have a lesson then? I want to teach myself. I hate making other people wait around while I practice and practice.

Your hate is cute...love the bow!