Monday, March 22, 2010

{a weekend in pittsburgh}

this weekend joel and i traveled to pittsburgh for a counseling conference joel attended.
(he is working toward his PhD in counseling).

needless to say, i had a lot of time to myself.
luckily, we had gorgeous weather while we were there,
so i was happy just to wander the city.

fun fact about pittsburgh : it has the second most bridges of any city in the world
(second only to venice).
who knew?
some other things i did :
♥ ate lunch all by my lonesome : this was a first for me.
and it was actually quite a liberating experience. 
sitting outside at a cafe table overlooking the river,  with the warm sun shining down on me and my martha stewart living magazine in hand... not bad. not bad at all.

♥ visited the andy warhol museum. SO cool. i didn't realize how talented / productive an artist he was. and the number of mediums he worked in. i managed to snap a couple of photos when no one was looking :)

thankfully, i did get to spend some time with hubby as well.
some fun things we did together :

♥ had some scrumptious tapas, mojitos and sopapillas at a fantastic authentic latin american restaurant in the cultural district called seviche.

♥ took in some live jazz music while enjoying some tasty wine.

♥ went to a par-tay at the counseling conference on saturday night, complete with a live band and delicious food. schmoozed it up with joel's professors (not that they don't already adore him).

♥ took the dequesne incline up "mt" washington and took in a gorgeous view of the city at night.

♥ ate five-layer sandwiches that we could barely fit in our mouths at the famous primanti brothers. sandwiches with fries on them.. awesome.

♥ spotted the first sign of spring, which made me ever so happy.
 i also found a few minutes to make a treasury on Etsy, in celebration of the first day of spring.
all in all, it was a really fun weekend.
i was really happy to get away with joel, even if he was occupied much of the time. we were due for some QT.

tell me, how did you spend your weekend?


Maggie Whitley {Gussy} said...

Saturday I took the day off from sewing and Zack and I left the apartment for a whopping 7 hours. We went everywhere and reminded us of college :)

Elizabeth said...

Sewing, sewing, sewing, that's what I did. I love that fact about Pitts and neat! And lunch alone can be very fun, but only if you don't do it too much :)

fernandflora said...

What a lovely weekend you had. Kudos for embracing all the cultural things you could. I helped my sister-in-law plan her wedding colors, flowers and invites all weekend. It was mucho productive.

fernandflora said...
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Hi, I'm Rachael said...

I love Pittsburgh for its bridges! Thanks for the tidbit of information. Isn't the Andy Warhol museum amazing? I agree that eating alone is liberating. (I'm working up the courage to go to a movie alone.)

(Those are my random, strung-together thoughts on your post. Thanks for sharing!)

xoxoKrysten said...

My gosh, what a gorgeous city! I've never been to Pittsburgh but I definitely think I need to!

Dandelion and Grey said...

Those Cherry Blossom trees are so gorgeous! It sounds like you had an amazing time! The Andy Warhol museum looks fantastic!

Wild and Precious said...

Meg -- can't believe I hadn't added you to my blog scroll.. just did! BTW - your up next week for my blog hopping feature! Have a great day & thanks for the music suggestions!

richelle jean said...

your blog is ADORABLE.

BuenoBueno said...

hahah i snapped some photos in paris thinking i was being sneaky but picture taking was allowed! i thought i was so smooth.
oh well

Nicole Jeannette said...

My sister wants to get her PhD in counseling too! What a fun weekend! :)

Stephanie said...

woww i wanna go to the andy warhol museum!

Jen said...

What a gorgeous photo!

Iva said...

these pictures are totally amazing!! I mean really. so fabulous!!