Sunday, April 11, 2010

hello all :) sorry for my prolonged absence. 
i was busy with Easter festivities, 
getting organized (one of my new years' resolutions that i'm finally tackling), 
and being a mom for three days. 
(i watched my boss's four girls for three entire days straight. whew.)
{photo credit}
and after those three days were through, i cannot tell you how exhausted i was.
i slept for over 10 hours straight in my ownbed. and then i took the day off from work and literally laid on my couch for five hours straight reading & watching TV.
i cannot remember the last time i had such a lazy day, but it was
not to mention well-earned. i am definitely not ready to be a mom
(and i definitely cannot handle having four kids. yikes!)

saturday turned out to be a bit more productive. my mind and body finally felt restored.
i listed a couple of new items in my shop. well, not exactly new. they're both popular designs that i've carried in my shop in the past but have been missing for some time.

i'm particularly excited about these ones. they were the first of my jewelry to be featured on the front page, over a year ago. shortly after that, i ran out of the beads and i finally just stumbled upon them the other week. yessssssss. they are such a lovely color and texture.
i've already made a pair for myself :)

phoebe earrings.
i also added these bright, springy earrings :
honeycomb earrings.

hope you are all having a relaxing Sunday with the kind of warm, sunshiney weather we're enjoying here in the mitten.


Cat said...

Wow, love the bright colors in the Honeycomb earrings. Just lovely!

Welcome back :) Glad you took some time to unwind (we all need that now and again :))

Elizabeth said...

Gah, once again I am thrilled by the shots you get with our little camera.

And when it's your turn to be a mom, I bet you'll be so glad you're not pregnant anymore that it'll be like a walk in the park. We hope?

fernandflora said...

Me oh my! No doubt you were wiped out after THREE days of looking after FOUR little ones! Bravo for keeping everyone alive!

And I love your "new" jewelry offerings! So pretty!

Hope Chella said...

Fun earrings :) xx

my name is lauren. said...

four girls for three days!?! that's enough to make anyone exhausted!

and those earrings are so so pretty. i love the honeycomb ones especially :).

happy monday!