Monday, April 19, 2010

{weekend recap + new summer frocks}

hello readers old and new :)
i hope you all had wonderful weekends!
here's a few highlights from mine :
- going out for dessert with hubby (tiramisu + coffee = heavenly)
- going to a fantastic craft fair put on by handmade detroit with my sis
- watching my dad sing one of his original songs at church
- going to a delicious Mexican restaurant with my fam for my sister's early b-day celebration
- getting a FREE bicycle from a friend of the family!!
- SHOPPING for the first time in several months with my mom and sister
luckily i didn't go overboard.. 
just bought a couple of things - all on sale of course!

i also put in a small order via
well actually my cousin put in an order for me.. since she is a manager at the anthro in san diego, she got to put a special discount code in at check-out :) 
(thank you, thank you heather). 
you see, anthro's tri-annual friends & family sale just happened to start the same week
joel accepted his second job for the summer.
joel and i had come to an agreement that once a job was secured for summer, 
i could finally get some new duds. 
so the timing of this sale was quite perfect. 
(i have a very hard time buying anything that is not on sale.. i got it from my momma).

i will soon be getting these lovely summer frocks in the mail :

 {way cuter in person}
{makes me feel like a ballerina}
ok, i am way too excited about these. 
but hey, it's been awhile.
living simply really makes you appreciate the little things.


Alyssa Goodnight said...

I wish I had an inside track to an Antropologie discount. :)
Enjoy your lovlies.

Moriah said...

My absolute favorite store EVER. all of those items are amazing. I know exactly how you feel about living on a tight budget. I hope to be able to buy clothes again one day! Being pregnant helps me not care as much right now, though. haha

Lindsey said...

oooh you're so lucky! i treated myself to a sale dress from anthropologie a few weeks ago! ;)

Candice @ Made With Love said...

Amen to the Anthropologie discount! Scoring coupons/discounts for that store is like finding a needle in a hay stack! ;)

Elizabeth said...

Oh I love that first skirt! And a free bicycle...I'd kill to get that right about now :)

helen said...

how amazing to have an anthro discount! hope you enjoy your new lovelies! they look marvelous :)

jozen said...

my most favorite store ever! i am so glad i stumbled upon your blog! love it!!

def following you!

Kristin said...

Ooh.. you lucky girl! I want a friend on the inside at Anthro! Maybe I should wait outside my local store with pastries and coffee to make a new friend!

Lovely duds. And lovely weekend recap!

thais. said...

these are all so beautiful.... and your blog simply adorable ;)

Kim said...

not sure how i found your blog, but so pumped i did!

all i have to say about this post is...