Friday, June 18, 2010

{me in threes}

the beautiful & talented kim over at yellow songbird tagged me in her 
"me in threes" post earlier today. 
and so here you have it : me in threes.

3 names i go by :
 miss megan

3 places i have been :
3 favorite drinks :
fresh raspberry lemonade
3 jobs i have had : 
♥ writing center consultant at CMU
associate editor/writer for an architecture/construction mag

3 TV shows i watch :
♥ parenthood (my current fave)
♥ mad men
♥ weeds
3 places i would like to visit (among countless):
♥ portland
3 fave retro TV shows :
♥ i love lucy
♥ laverne & shirley
♥ seinfeld (not quite retro, but couldn't leave it out)

3 places i have lived :
♥ red oak, texas (i was born in dallas!)
♥ mt. pleasant, michigan
♥ london, england
3 favorite dishes (sooo hard to choose just 3!) :
pad thai
filet mignon with balsamic syrup & goat cheese
caprese salad
3 things i am looking forward to :
♥ being in my friend lyndee's wedding next month
♥ my grandparents visiting in august
♥ going to da U.P. (upper peninsula of MI) with hubby
3 people i am tagging :
♥ sarah c @ auburn street
♥ jozen @ lola's girl


Sandy a la Mode said...

yay for continuing on the me in threes tag!! loved reading more about you miss megan!! mmmm pad thai and raspberry lemonade are soo delish! and i def think you should try and make greece one of your next big trips, LOVE it there! have fun in the U.P.!

like a rolling stone... said...

rad to discover your blog!
one of my best friends is janis, of "my suitcase heart", so i clicked on your name and vuala, lovely blog!
GO to portland, one of the best cities, and yes on the mojito's and caprese salad.


Melissa Blake said...

I LOVE Mad of my favorite shows! :)

P.S. I'm featuring you as one of my favorite blogs on my Friday round-up this afternoon! xoxo

ALFIE said...

meg! this is cutest post ever! i loved reading all these little things about you!! we have a lot in common! (can someone say don draper? anyone? anyone?)

thanks so much for tagging me in it! can't wait to fill it out in a post next week :)

Wild and Precious said...

oh girl.. as always -- wished you lived close, we would be such great friends!

Elaine said...

This was a fun post! Loved reading a little more about you!

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Rhiannon Nicole said...

Ok I went to CMU my freshman year in 2004 and competed on the gymnastics team.I have a feeling you live in Mt P? Maybe :) xo

Andrew Manion said...

Aww... thanks for tagging me, dear! Just got back from a whirlwind trip to chicago for an interview, and am catching up on 3 days worth of blogs!

And I LOVE caprese salad, so much. And mojitos. And Mad Men. We just have so much in common!

Sarah C said...

um. yup. totally realized this morning that my brother had signed into his blogger account on my computer and never signed out!! so i've been commenting all over the place as 'andrew manion' (smacking head). oh dear!

Lillian Chang said...

How lovely!! I just stumbled on your blog (or I should say: finally stumbled...:) and the first thing I get is a few more tidbits about you. I love it!! :)

jozen said...

yay!! love these :) thanks for tagging me :)

ps i LOVE i love lucy and you will love portland. it's one of my fave US cities!

fernandflora said...

Cute post! I'm with you on your favorite food and drinks. Caprese salad is THE BEST and I could help myself to a mojito any time of year!

Aury said...

Awww what a lovely post!!! I would really love to try out this tag :)

Krystal said...

we are very similar lady! and where did you go in switzerland if you don't mind me asking, i love switzerland! =)

Bekah Mae said...

Your "Places to Visit" list is almost exactly mine :) (except that I live 2 hours from, I've been there. Let me tell's all shades of awesome).

mina said...

that picture of the color houses is gorgeous! although, i would be so afraid if i lived in one.

molly YEH! said...

i just found your blog through alfie's from her "me in 3s" and it is SO cute!!!

i love that portland is at the top of your list of places you want to go. i've been reading some portland blogs lately and am totally obsessed!!