Monday, June 21, 2010

{two down, four to go}

this weekend was packed full of wedding-related activities,
just as many other weekends this summer will be.
(not that i'm complaining - i love weddings!)
 {via weheartit}
friday night, joel and i went to a couples shower for our friends lyndee and cam,
where we had a fantastic time catching up with friends & eating delicious mexican food.
we played a game for which we each had to write down a word of advice
to the engaged couple on a note card.
joel's card read : "always laugh at your husband's jokes."
he decided on this bit of wisdom after he had told me a joke 
to which my response was "huh"?

saturday morning, i woke up bright and early and drove to indiana 
with my mom, dad & brother
for a cousin's wedding.

though the drive was much longer than anticipated, 
it was full of laughs,
particularly when we discovered that we had the wrong toll road card. 
the card indicated that it would cost us a whopping $54 to get to middle-of-nowhere indiana.
we were completely flabbergasted.

my dad decided to get off at the nearest exit to find an alternate route,
and when he went to pay the toll with his debit card (he thought it was over $15),
he asked the worker when the tolls had gone up, to which she replied,
"you got the wrong card - this one's for semis."
and then she handed him his credit card receipt for $1. hah!
we cracked up so hard after that.
out trips are certainly never uneventful!

here are a few shots from the wedding :
the beautiful bride (now my cousin-in-law :) wore her mother's wedding dress & veil. 
it was so lovely on her.
isn't my brother a cutie? and he's newly single, ladies.. ;)
my dad with my newest cousin, anna grace! she is a sweetie.

we hit the road at the crack of dawn the following morning
so that we could catch my hubby playing in our church's noon service.
we literally arrived a minute after he started playing, whew!

after church, we celebrated my dad. we played some bocce ball & ate a homemade dinner
(delmonico steak with balsamic bbq sauce + homemade steak fries 
+ corn on the cob with thyme & garlic butter... helloooo.)

all in all, it was a fantastic, memory-filled weekend.
it always is when it's spent with my fam!


Sandy a la Mode said...

awwww sounds like a fantastic wedding! love how the wedding dress is her mother's! ohhh and i love me some booce ball, so fun!

fernandflora said...

Sounds like a busy weekend! We had one of the same. And ya gotta love those toll roads. Why is it always so confusing? The ones in Colorado started taking pictures of your licsense plate and sending you a bill later, which is sort of nice but also sad when the bill arrives weeks later after you've long forgotten about it!

Happy first day of summer!

Dancing Branflake said...

How fun! I love this post because it not only celebrates a couple but all the awesome things that come with weddings: love, family, food, and the awesome style of brides.

Athena said...

Weddings are great, unfortunately my parents were both late accidents and all my family is long married. So haven't been to many yet, but I can still dream of my own :) One day! How lovely the bride wore her mother's dress, vintage is great. :) and her mother must've really liked it.

ALFIE said...

awww!! what a fun weekend of family and celebration!!! sometimes it's those whirlwind weekends that end up being the most fun! having a great family is so awesome!!

ps: LOVE that vintage dress!!!

jozen said...

yay! i love weddings too :)

Tumbleweed Woman said...

wow what a love-filled weekend!

Kelly said...

So special that she wore her mom's dress :)

That sounds like a perfect weekend. And I do love bocce ball!

Leah said...

Just found your blog and loving it!

ALFIE said...

ps. i LOVE crepes! best places to get them:: what crepe in royal oak. le petit zinc in corktown detroit. and good girls go to paris crepes in downtown detroit! you MUST go there! all sooooo delish!

Silver Strands said...

Sounds wonderful! Great photos.

That dinner sounds delicious!

Your blog is adorable, I love it!

and flowers pick themselves said...

i love that first image! so wonderful :)

xo Alison

Sarah C said...

looks like it was a wonderful weekend. i just love weddings. not sure if i'm excited for our 3 in one weekend weekend coming up... but i do love celebrating love!

carlotta said...

*love* that first picture! weddings are so fun :)