Friday, July 30, 2010

{my first homemade pizza!}

i don't know how i had never managed to make pizza from scratch before..
i guess the dough-making part scared me,
but i finally went for it the other night, and oh my, i am so glad i did.

so tasty.

i think i'll be making pizza on a weekly basis now.
the dough really wasn't hard to make (toughest part was shaping it)
and the possibilities of cheeses & toppings are just endless!!

for my very first pizza pie, i followed a recipe from 
the wondrous pioneer woman.
if you aren't familiar with her, i suggest you familiarize yourself pronto.
she is the queen of homestyle cooking! 
soo many scrumptious recipes to try out. and the photos on her blog are fantastic!
they take you step by step through every recipe!
i recently used her recipe for restaurant-style salsa and it is now my fave!
(that was a lot of exclamation marks right there! can you tell i'm a fan?)

anyway, back to the pizza. i used this recipe for the dough.

yeast + water

pizza dough

and this one for the toppings.

ready for the oven.

i realize prosciutto is not the cheapest of ingredients, 
but i used probably only 3 oz. & it was plenty. it's soo good on pizza!

and let me tell you, the combination of 
sweet carmelized onions + salty prosciutto = divine.

ready to eat.

what do you like to put on your pizza? 
i'd love some creative suggestions for future pizza making!


Dancing Branflake said...

Oh my yumness! That look so amazing. My husband would love that pizza and I love prosciutto. So good!

Sam said...

that looks so incredibly delicious!

Olivia said...


Karolina said...

I just got up in the morning, having nothing in the kitchen but coffee and you made it easier to force myself up and go get some food. This looks simply delicious!

Vintage Simple said...

It looks fantastic, Meg. And delicious. I've never actually made pizza from scratch, but you may have inspired me...


Kelly said...

It looks absolutely delicious! Yum!

Gingiber said...

Meg, it looks so great! You should try making a deep dish pizza next! My husband and I did that recently, and let me tell you, it was so delish!

I will have to try pioneer woman's recipe.

Laura said...

Looks so good! When I made my first pizza (whole-wheat), my brother told me it looked like a slab of marble with cheese on it. But he did eat three pieces.

ALFIE said...

YEAH!! this looks awesome!! the crust especially!!

ps. the crepe cafe IS awesome!! right in detroit! "le petit zinc"---google it! you guys should go!!

+++ where is your church?? do you enjoy it? been looking for a place to go on my weekends off & haven't clicked anywhere!

Caroline | surprised by joy said...

Welcome to the pizza club! My next suggestion would be investing in a pizza stone. SO WORTH IT.

One of my favorite combinations is figs, prosciutto, fontina cheese and topped with fresh arugula.

I also like mushrooms, fresh mozarella and cherry tomatoes.


Krystal said...

chicken and pesto! you totally inspired me to try my hand at this!

olivia rae said...

oh my god, that looks amazing! i always make "homemade pizza" but have never made my own dough. our farmers' market sells whole wheat dough that i stock up on and freeze. but you've inspired me to try! xo

Kendra Sue said...

Oh my goodness, this is such a fantastic pizza. My ma and I've made it only a few times because it is deathly addicting. I love your blog. You are such a fun, happy person.

Amanda said...

I want to try making a homemade pizza too, but I'm scared as well. Knowing that you were, but you overcame said fear-of-crust reassures me that I can make a pizza.

Cheers for working hard in the kitchen!

Moriah said...

that looks so. freaking. good. i am showing this to my husband right now!