Tuesday, August 24, 2010

{excited for autumn}

although i will be very, very sad to part ways with summer and her warmth,
the slightly cooler weather we've been experiencing lately has been 
getting me unusually excited about fall
and all of the wondrous things it bring with it
(changing colors, apples, cider, donuts, sweaters, cardigans, boots...)
it is a magical, nostalgic season that give me butterflies thinking about it!

inspired by the upcoming change in seasons,
i made this treasury on etsy.
peach can be a fall color, right? 

this treasury was centered around the "among the pumpkins " print.
isn't is just stunning?
i'm thinking i need to get me a flowy peach dress and burgundy tights now!

what about fall are you looking forward to?


Dancing Branflake said...

Beautiful! Loving the floral vibe- very whimsical and beautiful.

Wild and Precious said...


and yes peach can be a fall color!!

p.s. this might be weird -- but you were in my dream last night!

AmyK said...

I'm so excited for fall. Peach never occurred to me as a fall color! But it works.

Anna said...

I love peach...and I think it makes a perfect fall color. Plus, it coordinates so perfectly with all the other ones!

fernandflora said...

Oooo. What a pretty board! Thank you for using one of my pieces you dearie!

Sarah C said...

What an awesome treasury! I am looking forward to fall - I can't wait to break out my sage green tights and brown cardigans. Fall is my favorite season, and all this awfully hot weather has made me crave low 60's and fall colors (which i am totally adding peach to!)

hiven said...


StephanieTJLee said...

Ah loving all the hairband shown and the overall color picked :)!