Wednesday, September 1, 2010

{ my b-day }

so i never did talk about my birthday weekend.
it was quite fantastic.

hubby even got me a care bears birthday balloon featuring my fave care bear as a kid.

on saturday, hubby and i finally made it over to eastern market in detroit,
and got loads of produce for at least half the price 
we'd pay at a grocer.
it is such a neat place (and HUGE). i would have taken lots of pictures 
but i forgot my camera. wah wah. 
saturday night, we had dinner with my fam 
to celebrate both my birthday and his (which is today!)

on sunday, we did pretty much everything on my list (+ anthropologie :)).
except our dinner turned into an excursion to the grocery store at around 10PM.  
as we feasted on our sushi & fried cheese sticks 
(weird i know, but i wanted something healthy & something naughty),
we got sucked into the highly-acclaimed film legally blonde.
haha, so random. but what's like without a little spontaneity?

i did a horrible job of taking pictures this weekend,
but joel did get one full shot of my birthday dress (outside of anthropologie).

so i am now 26. doesn't feel all too different from 25.
i think next year's will be the one that gets to me.
which is the number my hubby today turns.
(he's going to get mad when he reads this because i have harassed him 
about it time and again).
i love you joel :) 

let's make this our best year yet, what do you say?

p.s. thank you SO much to everyone who "liked" my shop on lovely clusters --
thanks to your support, i WON the contest!!

p.p.s. don't forget to enter the OrdinaryMommy giveaway!!


Olivia said...


and what a fun birthday weekend!!!! so glad :)

Faith said...

Ahh! So awesome that you're so "liked." Haha! I was wondering if you made it in under the wire. Also, you look fab in that dress! Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday (and all to yourself too with your hubbs being today- happy birthday, Joel- Sean and I share a birthday actually, so I don't ever get a "me" day, but it's all good!).

Wild and Precious said...

what a beautiful birthday girl!!

Bridget said...

happy birthday girl!

fernandflora said...

Ok. You're just too cute in your sassy birthday dress! Sounds like a lovely weekend! Thanks for sharing the goodtimes!

StephanieTJLee said...

Ah I'm glad you had a FABULOUS birthday :)! I just blogged about my birthday celebration too, heh. And congrats on winning, you deserve it <3.

PS loving the birthday dress!

KristiMcMurry said...

Sounds like a perfect birthday :)

Glad you won the contest!

petitecarousel said...

A bit late to the party, but Happy Birthday! Love your top =)

Krystal said...

your outfit is SO CUTE!!! and i love the new profile pic with the balloon :)

Melissa said...

Happy birthday to you and your hubby! Your birthday outfit is adorable and so perfect for celebrating!

jozen said...

what a special birthday!! here's to many more to come :)

Linnea said...

I'm so glad you won, Megan--I was wishing very much that I could like it more than once:)