Monday, October 25, 2010

{DIY wreath}

before this weekend, i hadn't crafted in some time.
on friday, i was suddenly struck with craft fever. i had to make something immediately.

i had been eyeing the beautiful yarn wreaths that have been popping up all over etsy
and i decided it was the perfect time to finally try my hand at one.
and i have to say, i was rather happy with the results.

handmade yarn wreath

i had never made felt flowers before and i found this tutorial to be very helpful.
i hand-stitched the felt leaves to add a little detail.
i have now discovered how much fun felt is to craft with!

handmade felt flowers

handmade felt flowers

i highly recommend making one for your home (or someone else's!)
it was so much fun to make - way easier than it may appear - and very gratifying.
plus there are just so many possibilities for colors, arrangements, embellishments, etc.

i'm thinking i will make one for every season.
i'm also thinking they would make fantastic gifts!

did you do any crafting this weekend?


Mandy [Mandipidy] said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love your color choices!

Anna said...

ah! so adorable! what a great diy xmas present inspiration ;)

mh. lovely by me said...

um, DARLING! I love it and i've never used felt before either but it looks great.

Katie Bright said...

A-DOR-A-BLE! I love it!!

Wild and Precious said...

i said it before -- but that is AMAZING!!

angelina la dawn said...

i want to make one of these, too! yours came out awesome. i'm feeling inspired :)

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

so beautiful!!! craftiness over the weekend...does sewing up headbands for the shop count? :)

i hope to have more time to do crafty things later on this season esp come Christmas!!!

mandiegirl said...

I'm going to try to make those flowers tonight to add to the yarn wreaths I made last year!

Sarah C said...

I've had my eye on these FOREVER on etsy, but just can't bear to spend that much money on a wreath! I think yours turned out amazing, and you're right, they would make fab gifts! I think I may just try to tackle this one soon - and maybe make one for my mum for christmas.

I did do some crafting this weekend - pictures to come soon :)

Krystal said...

that is the cutest wreath!! you did such a good job :)

{kara} said...

you did a great job on this Meg. My sis and I THOUGHT about making one of these wreaths this weekend... didn't happen!

jozen said...

oh meg... I LOVE IT SO!! thanks for sharing the link :)

Marie said...

Beautiful!:D I love everything about it.:D

***** Marie *****

Amanda said...

wow--it's perfect! You made it look so easy! I've always really wanted to try this.

Lisa said...

that's amazing!!! i want felt!

lurve you said...

this is gorgeous! great job!

danielle said...


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