Tuesday, October 12, 2010

this weekend, my mom and i traveled to grand rapids to meet up with my beautiful sister.
while we were there, we got to check out a small portion of artprize on its last day. 
it was pretty amazing.

 yes, this is a giant penny made of pennies.
 and this is a painting made of glass mosaics. breathtaking.
and this is a lion made out of individually welded cut nails.
this cute bunting was part of an outdoor installation simulating a post peak oil world.
my sister and her boyfriend are way too stinking cute.  
and i have one hot momma.
we also got to meet my brother for dinner on our way back.
yea, he's a stud.

i heart my family.


Rhiannon Nicole said...

Those art pieces are incredible! How cool is the large penny? Just fabulous! Love your photos you cutie! PS I was in GR too for our Michigan wedding party :) Jesh small world!! xo

Kim said...

that lion & penny are awesommmmme. looks like fun, meg! :)

Wild and Precious said...

way so cool!! what great art.

you and your fam are so cute!

Kate said...

So fun to see these pictures...I grew up in Grand Rapids, and my parents can't say enough wonderful things about Artprize. I hope to make it back someday! Thanks for sharing.

Dancing Branflake said...

Your whole family is so good looking! And I love that penny made out of pennies. Great photos!

Marie said...

Fun pictures and looked like you all had a great time!:D

How cool is that huge penny?!:D

***** Marie *****

Krystal said...

awwww grand rapids :)