Friday, November 12, 2010

{2010 detroit urban craft fair}

i don't think i've mentioned on here that i am participating in the

i was pretty excited to hear i got in, as only 74 of 190 applicants were accepted.
at the same time, i got a bit nervous & overwhelmed, and even thought about backing out 
(such a wimp, i know).
the only craft fair i've done was in a tiny town & it was super low key (and slow).
i'm pretty sure this one is the largest in the state.
but this will be a healthy challenge for me & a great way to finally meet other local crafters.

DUCF 2010 poster

i want to make as much as possible, so a majority my free time this month
will be spent doing so (i've already make quite a bit!)
look for some of it in my shop in the next week or so :)

i also have to start thinking about my table display.
for those of you who have done craft fairs in the past -- 
your ideas would be greatly appreciated!

hope you are all having a fabulous friday and have some fun and/or relaxing things planned for the weekend! i am pretty excited that my hubby is not going to be drowning in homework this weekend because that means we'll finally get some good qt :)


Kim said...

hey lady! so exciting! check out the flickr group "show me your booth" to get inspired by lots of craft fair booths.

Kayla said...

Congrats on getting in! You're going to do great.

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

Kelly said...

Good for you, Meg! There's so much going on that weekend, but I hope to attend, it looks like an awesome show!

Loves tea... said...

That's GREAT. Wow, I'd feel pretty good about it if I were you too! Can't wait to see the new things in your shop...

fernandflora said...

I'm busy with shows too! It's fun but sort of stressfull too- but more fun than stressful.

Congrats on getting into such a big show! You're gonna rock it.