Monday, November 8, 2010

{my little sister's engaged!}

so i never did get back to my sister getting engaged (kinda a big deal).
me, joel, my parents and brother all took last monday off of work to be a part of it!
i am sooo happy miles (the future brother-in-law) asked us to be there :)
what a beautiful and joy-filled day.

the engagement was so fun and creative!
miles knows someone who volunteers for a cute little sight-seeing train 
in a small town outside of grand rapids, and he was able to reserve it for the proposal!
we got there a bit early to decorate the train compartment where the proposal 
was to take place, tossing some flower petals down the aisle 
and setting out two pieces of my homemade tiramisu (my sister's favorite dessert). 
we also set up a cd player with a mixed cd miles had made.

my family and i, along with a few of miles' and amanda's friends waited on the train compartment just behind the decorated one, sitting on the floor, so as not to be seen by my
soon-to-be-engaged sister.

once he asked her, my sister asked miles if anyone know about it. 
he answered by bringing her back to see all of us :) 
my sister was more joy-filled and speechless than i have ever seen her.

look at this beauty. may i point out that i was the first to see it, 
as miles asked for my approval before he purchased it a few weeks back.
obviously, i approved.
aren't they so cute together?!? serrrriously.
so glad we were all there to be there to celebrate with them!!
apparently, joel and i got caught up in the romance of it all (:

wanna know something kinda crazy?
miles went to school with CMU with joel and me, and he went to the
same on-campus church! i myself had never met him during that time, but joel
on the other hand, was in a small group with him for an entire year!

when he first heard of their budding romance, he was super excited and ensured
me that miles was an awesome guy with an amazing heart.
he was definitely right.

i am sooo ridiculously excited for my sister am am super pumped
to welcome miles to our family!
expect many wedding-inspired posts to come (: (: {wedding date is 10.8.11}!!


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

congrats to your lil' sis!!! this is SO exiting!!!! woohoo!!!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

i meant "exciting" - can't you see how excited i was?! i typed exited, instead of excited. hehe.

Melanie's Randomness said...

awww!! CONGRATS to your lil sis!! They look so happy!!! =)

Meg said...

adorable idea, adorable train, adorable couple... GORGEOUS ring!!! they look so happy, this post made my day :) congrats to your sister!! i can't wait to hear all the plans...
xoxo meg

Faith said...

What a sweet and memorable engagement! They make an adorable couple.

mandiegirl said...

How fun! So happy for the sweet couple!

Anna Walker said...

That's a freaking gorgeous ring! :)
Congrats to them! I love all the pictures, they look amazingly incandecenly happy!

Kim said...

beautiful!! ((your sister, the couple, her ring, your hair, you, the way he proposed, you get the idea!))

I LOVE engagement!

Gingiber said...

Amazingly sweet! Congrats to your sister!

Emily said...

What a sweet engagement. You sis looks beautiful! (And miles gets a thumbs up on this proposal. so sweet!)

Loves tea... said...

:) :) :) Soooo sweet! I love the romance!

Dancing Branflake said...

Your sister is so pretty! Congrats to the beautiful couple!

Christopher Wheeler said...

Whoot! I was smiling really big the entire time I was reading this post. I mean, I knew about it, of course, but I just love the pictures and everything. Such a great time... :) Gosh, that's gonna be such a great wedding.

Wild and Precious said...

yay!!! so sweet!

Amanda said...

congrats to miles and amanda. they look so giddy and in love. what a romantic day!