Wednesday, December 8, 2010


wow, it has been some time since you've heard from me on here.
that's because i've been insanely busy preparing for the detroit urban craft fair this past weekend, which turned out to be well worth all the hard work.
but more on that later (soon, i promise).

i don't know about you guys, but i am wayy in the Christmas spirit this year.
i started listening to Christmas tunes even before thanksgiviging,
and it's pretty much all i listen to now.
and keeping with the wheeler tradition, joel and i picked out a tree and put all our decorations up the weekend of thanksgiving despite all of the other stuff
i should have been doing. i just couldn't help myself.

what realllly gets me in the spirit of Christmas is the beautiful light display in our downtown,
just a block away from us.
we went with my family and a couple of friends to the "lighting" last week.
these pics don't come close to doing it justice -- i wish you could all see it in person!
it is magical.
the big, bright light show!
each storefront along main street is decked in lights, and there are a multitude of colors.
people come from all over to admire it. and we get to see it every single night :)
me & vanessa
my friend vanessa and me. she finally moved back from florida, yay!
my sis & her fiance :)
my sister and her fiance. they are so dang cute.
the big, bright light show
there were even reindeer!

oh, how i love Christmas! hope you are all getting in the spirit as well,
even if it is balmy where you are!


Dancing Branflake said...

I am I am! I am so excited this year!

Anna Elder said...

yay we have an area downtown that does this. im super exxcited to go take pictures this year!

Loves tea... said...

I agree! Regardless of what's going on, Christmas decor goes up Thanksgiving weekend!!! :) The lights do look quite magical--how fun. Ohhh...I do not want Christmas to end...

Amanda said...

I love hearing about what married couples do to celebrate the holidays (since I'm a newly married lady).

The Christmas lights twinkling in the background of your pictures are such perfection!