Monday, January 24, 2011

{balance + keeping sight of what's important}

{we heart it }

i was in a playful mood yesterday and convinced hubby to make a fort for us to 
cuddle up in & watch a movie :)
though it looked nowhere as pretty as this one, it was still magical.
and it was a perfect ending to a day in which i was feeling overwhelmed 
& incapable of balancing all of the aspects of my life 
(work + handmade business + blog + friends + bible study + serving + cleaning/laundry, etc. etc.)
i'm sure most of you can relate with the feeling.

my most important resolutions for this year are to (in no particular order) :

(1) grow my handmade business

(2) grow in my relationship with jesus (this includes joining a bible study which i did last week - yay), spending time in the word daily, and finding more ways to serve within my church)

and, (3) spend more time connecting with friends.

i am finding (as you may imagine), it is not easy to make all of these things happen.

yesterday when i got home from church & running errands, i had a long list of 
shop-related things to do & looking at the clock, 
i knew i didn't have time to take care of them all.
then i started thinking about my coming weeknights (i work during the day) 
-- bible study one night, church another night, and hopefully having a friend over another night. 
ummm, when can i possibly get everything necessary done to grow my business 
, while sustaining cultivating the aspects of my life that really matter

i can't let my personal aspirations take precedence in my life because it is not what is truly important.
living in community... loving and serving others is.

this is one thing God has been teaching me lately.
i have definitely been guilty of not making these priorities 
& i know it is time to change that.

that is not to say that i'm going to give up on my dream. heck no.
i'm just not going to give up on eternal things to achieve it.
i can't lose sight of what's really important.

so now i just need to figure out how to add more hours to the day :)

*sidenote : wow, i am so glad i wrote this post, God has revealed a lot to me while writing it.
makes me think i should start a personal journal again! do any of you have prayer journals?


wishful nals said...

such great things. i love homemade forts. they are so cathartic. xo

Wild and Precious said...

i so relate this.

love this post. well said friend!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

well-said. i was feeling the same way. i took some much needed time off to spend time with people and to be unplugged. it was refreshing. the Lord has been teaching me a lot in this particular area too, friend.

thanks for sharing!

Loves tea... said...

Meg, recently I have been incredibly blessed by Ann's daily posts never fail to delight in the Lord, and re-focus my eyes on Him. Of course, your time in His Word is most precious, but since you're an avid blogger, I think you would love this. It's a truly extraordinary website, or I wouldn't pass it along, as I know there are many good blogs out there, and you don't have time to read every one. I hope you check it out, and that you're as blessed by it as I have been!

Love, me :)

Gingiber said...

Great thoughts. Encouraging read!

Anna Walker said...

Awesome! I love that you had him make a fort.
I think that you may make friends in Bible Study and then #2 and #3 can be taken care of together!
Good luck with EVERYTHING!

blind irish pirate said...

I don't do a prayer journal, because it's just one more thing to do. But absolutely understand the pressures of getting everything that needs to be done in addition to everything that I want to be done. And sometimes, the wants have to happen just as much as the needs. There does need to be room for breathing room, yeah?

erin m. said...

Amen. Balance is a lifelong lesson, it seems.

As for your note at the end, I keep a few journals. I have a whole prayer notebook, that I have sectioned and keep track of prayer requests as well as journal prayers. I also have another "spiritual journal" where I just write about my spiritual life. I am a total journaler, although I think it is a valuable discipline for anyone.

Senja said...

i can also really relate to this! i am also working during the day and have the same wishes and dreams.. you are a great example, really :)

xo senja

Kelly said...

So true, and such a hard thing to do, especially as women, when we live in an age where "we can have it all." I struggle with this almost daily. Thank you for writing this - what a good reminder.

Dancing Branflake said...

A prayer journal sounds like a great idea. I have the firm belief that if you put God first all things fall into place the way they should, aka the way He wants it to. I know that has been particularly true in my life.

laura said...

read just at the right time. :) i'm also trying to grow a business and struggling as to where to take it. i find myself pouring hours into it, but neglecting my relationship with the Lord and even {at times} my husband. HOW is that going to glorify God? Oh, thanks for the reminder. :)

laura said...

read just at the right time. :) i'm also trying to grow a business and struggling as to where to take it. i find myself pouring hours into it, but neglecting my relationship with the Lord and even {at times} my husband. HOW is that going to glorify God? Oh, thanks for the reminder. :)

my name is lauren. said...

i completely relate. it's so hard to balance. sometimes i just have to take a step back and breathe. it's good to try to better yourself, but also good to make sure you're not too hard on yourself :).

all good goals though my dear!

oh...and maybe marley and i both kind of maybe sort of want a baby :).

Christopher Wheeler said...

Good reminder to me - especially at the beginning of the semester.

I know a guy who has a prayer journal that he lets other people write in - then he prays for their requests on the day. It's a good reminder to be constantly in prayer, and worth the effort, I think.

Amanda said...

thank you for being so honest. I think it's always healthy to think like this once in a while... it's important to focus back on Christ and realize that we are here on earth to serve Him. Thank you for reminding me of that today!

jozen said...

once you find out... let me in on the secret! i could sure use more hours in a day as well!!

take care dear friend!