Tuesday, January 18, 2011

{i'm kind of obsessed}

with this color ::

so when i saw it in purse form, i instantly fell in love. 
and when i saw it was on SALE + an additional 10% off, 
it was decided : i must own it.
first spontaneous purchase i've had in a long time, 
so i don't feel tooo bad. it was a really good deal.
(note to hubby : i'm returning that dress, which will more than make up for it ;)

i'm going to have a really hard time holding off until spring to dawn this beauty.


Laura said...

So cute! It would have been a crime to pass it up!

Loves tea... said...

Why wait 'til Spring? Totally appropriate for winter...it's a fresh, pretty, but not bright, color for the start of a new year, and gorgeous against the white of winter's snow!

Dancing Branflake said...

Super cute! Totally worth the spontaneous purchase.

fernandflora said...

Oooo! Can't blame you one bit for falling in love! And I love your note to hubby. Sounds JUST like me! "but if I return that other thing I got at Target and take back those shoes then I can get the bag"... he he he. xo

Amanda said...

can not blame you for loving a purse that cute! it kinda goes with those pants you had on the other day!

hubs...you'll just have to let her do this one...it's a girl thing! :)

Lindsay @ Aisle to Aloha said...

Sooo pretty! Don't wait til spring--everyone needs a pop of color in your wardrobe to brighten things up!

Stephanie said...

oooo love this bag! no need to wait till spring! rock it now girl!

jozen said...

that is a prettyyyyyyy colour!

Athena said...

That's a gorgeous handbag! Gotta love pink. And you don't need to wait until spring indeed, there's blue sky days in winter as well, and having something pink by your side will brighten the cold drearyness of winter :)