Thursday, January 27, 2011

{pretty packages}

thank you all for your sweet words yesterday.
you guys are seriously so kind and encouraging,
i always enjoy reading your comments!

another thing i enjoy?
getting lovely packages in the mail.
i was lucky enough to get two yesterday.
what a treat after a long, gloomy winter day.

first one : from one my favorite artists on etsy :: leah duncan.
i already own a beautiful print by her.
now i own a beautiful screenprinted pillowcase
to add some color to the new duvet cover we got for Christmas.
(which finally replaced the super girly and puppy-torn floral one we had before).

i was delighted by leah's packaging. how beautiful is that card?!
inside is a lovely handwritten note  & a postcard of one of her new prints.
it's always fun to get a little something extra!

pretty package from leah duncanand the pillowcase is even more beautiful in person than in photos. it is extremely well-made. i really like the organic cotton she used. it has great texture (and is really good quality).

leah duncan pillow coveri also received some decorative japanese tape from the etsy shop pretty tape, and let me tell you, it definitely lives up to its name! it, too, came in a lovely package,
though i didn't get any good photos of it.

pretty tape!aren't the colors perfect? i have been wanting some pretty tape for some time now, and finally decided to splurge after some recent sales i made. i can't wait to use it!

have you received any pretty packages lately?


Anonymous said...

I have been thinking about getting some special tape for my orders. must do that ASAP! so cute!

Faith said...

I LOVE Leah Duncan's work. I'm thinking it's time for me to get some pretty packages soon. It's been too long ;) Enjoy your new goodies!

Stephanie said...

That tape is fabulous! I may have to order some of that as well! : )

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

gorgeous pillowcase!
and i have some of that exact same tape. im kinda obsessed with happy tape! so fun!

Meg said...

i got two packages in one day recently... a package of colored tights from my aunty (navy, brown & two pairs of aubergine, so soft & delightful!!) and a surprise package... a caribbean cookbook & a little note from my dad! since my mom always sends the birthday cards & makes the phone calls, it was a delight to see his handwriting on the package envelope, and to know that he'd picked something out and had gone to all that trouble just to send me a book he thought i'd like. i love mail so much :)

Laura said...

How cute! I love that pillow case. So beautiful!

Moriah said...

Love the tape! That store is so cute - thanks for sharing!

Dancing Branflake said...

I love that tape! So pretty! And your outfit is absolutely sweet.