Wednesday, January 5, 2011

{thanks GINGIBER, for making our house look prettier}

hubby got me some really great Christmas gifts this year (as usual),
including this much-pined-after desk calendar from my talented 
bloggy friend stacie {gingiber}.
now i just need to get a little stand for it so i can prop it up beside 
the vintage lamp on my desk :D
stacie was kind enough to add in an assorted postcard set with my hubby's order,
and because they are so darling, i've decided to use them as art.
{i found this chair at a craft fair downtown this summer for $10! 
i love the pop of color it creates!}
notice how the girl has blonde, curly hair :D
don't see any resemblance between my boy & cartoon boy..
perhaps i should draw a beard on him.
because i didn't have any extra frames lying around and seem to have
a hard time finding ones i like,
i decided to use a vintage pants hanger i found on etsy some time ago.
i got this idea for hanging art from rachel at smile and wave
{she has an incredible decorating sense!}

once we have kiddos, i will most definitely be buying some of stacie's nursery art, 
including one of these prints, which she has just introduced.
 they mean "my little cabbage" in french, how charming is that? :)

be sure to browse staie's shop and blog! they are some of my favorites.
i'll be sharing more of the art that brightens our home in the next couple of weeks :)
(did you know that i am kind of obsessed with decorating?)

oh and i thought i'd leave off with a photo of me since so many of you 
have been asking for more. 
(i guess i'll have to get over feeling weird posting photos of myself!)
this is from last week when i got to catch up (and laugh like crazy) with some 
dear friends from high school (hi flora!)

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Laura said...

What a great hubby! And a beautiful calendar. I'll have to check out her shop.

Olivia said...

look at your super cute hanger idea!! ive never seen that before, its adorable

Kelly said...

I love that hanger idea! I have a lot of those laying around!

aPearantly sew said...

I love that calendar! I asked for it for Christmas too, but didn't get it :( I need to just go order it for myself.

Anna Elder said...

what a great and thoughtful gift! i think the hanger is perfect too. especially for the calendars that aren't bound together. i've been thinking about making a calendar series too, but i'm not sure if it;s too late yet. and now, i'm off to check out her etsy!

Loves tea... said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the hanger and post card idea! And the green chair. :)

Flora said...

hi megs! yay i made it onto your blog! was so fun hanging with you! and I love the hanger idea. so pretty!

jozen said...

i just LOVE that chair!