Wednesday, April 13, 2011

{i like getting pretty things in the mail}

isn't it just so fun to find a little package waiting for you at your doorstep
when you get home from a long day at work?
the other day, i found just that and was very pleased with its contents ::
a set of darling coasters from the talented and just-plain-awesome mandie,
blogger behind mandie's mumblings and shop owner of moxie mandie.

look how pretty!! and the packaging is just perfect. love the twine.
and look how awesome this card she included with it is! 
such a nice little added bonus. love the attention to detail.
looks like she took a cue from my blog design colors :)

what a perfect new home for our glasses :) they even match!
they are so beautifully crafted and the colors & design are gorgeous.

you can find more pretty coasters, as well as ruffly clutches, pouches, hot pads & handmade cards at mandie's etsy shop.
and lucky for you guys, 
mandie is offering an exclusive 10% off discount
by using coupon code PRETTIES10 at checkout!!
you can save on pretties such as these 
(although believe me, they already have fantastically affordable price tags!) ::

{raw semi ruffled wristlet clutch} LOVE!!
{home sweet crazy home quilted hot pad}
{raw semi ruffled wristlet clutch / grey and plum}
{poppy pouch


Kel said...

super cute! there is nothing like getting a package in the mail :)

Faith said...

Oh, your cup looks so happy on it's new wee quilt!

Ms. Megan said...

How pretty!! I love the colors and the packaging!! And I totally agree with you:: There is nothing better than going to the ail box and seeing a little package waiting for you!!! :)

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

i loooove snail mail too - and this def. looks like a good mail day to me!!! said...

Aww! I love special deliveries too. Especially when they're as cute as those! Love it!

jozen said...

i LOVE getting packages in the mail :)