Friday, May 13, 2011

{happy birthday to my sweet magglio}

my little bundle of fur turned three yesterday.
it is very hard to believe; they really grow up so fast!
here he is after we first got him. could he be any cuter ?!

you wouldn't guess he's three though... he seems to still have lots of puppy in him.
lately, i've been thinking we need to call the dog whisperer,
especially when he is practically dragging me on our walks
and has barking attacks at passing dogs.
oh and then there's the piddling on the floor out of excitement when guests come to visit.
but i've heard there's not much you can do to fix that.

but despite all of his naughty ways, he really is the most delightful, loving dog i ever did meet.
he brings a ridiculous amount of joy to my every day.

are any of you arrested development fans by chance?
joel has recently taken to calling maggs buster because he is such a mommy's boy :)


Kel said...

he's soo cute!! :) They do grow up fast!

BB Goad said...

he's just precious! love his fluffy-ness :)
and yes, i love "arrested development." we own all 3 seasons on dvd!

Loves tea... said...

awww...happy birthday, Magglio! He's so adorable, Meg. Happy you have such a sweet dog-child in your life! :)

Sarah-Anne said...

such a cutie!! happy belated b-day, sweet pup!