Friday, May 27, 2011

{our wedding day, part II}

thank you all so much for your sweet comments on my last post  :)
and for those of you who asked, the bridesmaids were from anthropologie.
i really wish i had gotten one for myself - i still adore them.
they were a really popular style that sold out pretty fast, which is why
(long story short) my sister (also my MOH) ended up
wearing an entirely different dress.

the reason joel & i appear to be the same heights in these photos is that i for some reason
decided to wear heels on our wedding day, even though i never, ever wear heels.
word of advice to you future brides :: WEAR FLATS ON YOUR WEDDING DAY!!
my feet were bleeding by the end of the night! although i barely noticed the pain
because i was on cloud 9 the whole day. i swear i have never smiled so much.

man i love this guy. we are leaving early tomorrow for saugatuck 
(an artsy little beach town on the west coast of michigan) to celebrate our anniversary.
i am so looking forward to getting away, just me and my man.
we always have so much fun on road trips.

hope you are able to spend some time with loved ones this memorial day weekend!
i'll be sharing the last bit of photos while we're away.
and i'm sure i'll have some new ones to share once we return :)


Moriah said...

Adorable! And I totally agree about the shoes. I never wear heels either and knew that I would feel awkward all day if I were any taller and closer to Joe's height in pictures. haha So, I definitely wore flats and even switched to gold flip flops by the time we got to the reception. Much easier to dance in, too!

Sarah B. said...

What a beautiful wedding!! Happy anniversary to you both and have fun in Saugatuck :) We used to go there when we lived in MI - fun place!

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Beautiful pictures!!

Sarah-Anne said...

thanks for the flats tip, meg!! ;)

lacey said...

so precious, and you look gorgeous! i love peonies too-good choice! happy anniversary! thanks for sharing your memories with us. :-)

Kel said...

what a lovely day! :)

Katie @ Chai Thoughts said...

You were such a lovely bride! I love the flower in your hair and the look of complete happiness on your face.

Yulia said...

Congratulations! You've made such a gorgeous bride! I love the pics, especially the one where everybody was jumping. That looks so fun!

Ren said...

Congratulations on getting married! I'm visiting from FRECKLED NEST! I love your necklace it's so me!!!

Katey said...


love your blog! and your etsy shop! super fun!


Kristen Hawley said...

Your blog is adorable! I have lived in Michigan all my life and have never heard of Saugatuck. I will be checking it out this summer!

Grace B. said...

Lovely pictures. It looks like an absolutely beautiful wedding.

Maggie May said...

These pictures RADIATE with love and joy! Congratulations :)

Kate said...

Visiting from Freckled Nest. Neat to see some of your memories from your wedding and yay! Michigan. :) i love that photo of you on LA's blog. hope you had a wonderful anniversary.

Natalie Piette said...

You were (and I'm sure you still are!) a beautiful blushing bride! :) I love seeing posts like this.. so much happiness!
cute blog by the way! :D

heather anne. said...

this is my first time visiting your blog, i read about it from the freckled nest giveaway and i have to say i LOVE your blog name! it certainly made me smile!

i actually followed via bloglovin' and i hope you have a happy happy anniversary! i definitely look forward to reading more!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

What a beautiful wedding!! I totally agree--flats (even though I LOOOOOOOVE heels!).

Came over from frecklednest!

Kate said...

I got your link through FN, and oh man, I love seeing wedding pictures so it was a lovely surprise! Have an amazing time on your vacation!


katecreate said...

These are gorgeous pictures. I love the last picture and how you seem so calm.