Thursday, June 2, 2011

{anthro, why do you do this to me?!}

have any of you seen the new anthopologie catalog?
all i can say is, gahhh. i was practically drooling all over it.
there are a few things in particular that really struck my fancy.
i mean realllly struck my fancy. i actually ripped out the pages & have them hanging
from clothespins in my bedroom/office. not sure why i torture myself.
maybe eventually they will be marked down by 70%..
then i could at least consider purchasing them. 

these are my faves.

the first two are the ones hanging in my room. joel just saw them and laughed at me & told me i'm obsessed, haha. i'm afraid i have no defense.

p.s. i was just notified by one of my lovely readers that there's a $50 anthro gift card giveaway going on at bethany's blog rinse. repeat.!


Caroline G. said...

I can relate to the torture! I don't know if I could live without that dress.!

Lindsey said...

i know how you feel! i don't know how i will survive without one now that we are in TC! i guess it will be better for my bank account though ;)

Beth's Blog said...

great choices! If I could, my entire wardrobe would be from there!!!

thechattymommy said...

I am slowly becoming an anthro convert.
Visting from the Freckled Nest.

Sarah-Anne said...

oh have my heart, haha!! ;)

ALFIE said...

i must admit-- i was also in a semi-coma after looking through the catalog. SOOOOOOOOO gorgeous! love love love it all!

ps: i use picnik through flickr for all my photos :)

Sarah said...


I just came across your blog today and so far I'm loving it! I completely agree with you about anthropology! Beautiful and yet way out of my price range.

(That first outfit is so lovely and femininely leisurely!!!)

I know by sharing that I am lowering my chances at winning, but I just have to share an anthropology give-away that is going on over at another sweet blog! It is called "Rinse. Repeat." and the giveaway is going on through Tuesday. (Bethany is graciously giving away a $50 gift card!!!)

Here is a link to the giveaway-


Chandra said...
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