Monday, July 11, 2011

{in the kitchen :: roasted tomatoes with shrimp and feta}

i have been loving simple, fresh & easy meals lately.
who wants to be stuck in their hot kitchen for hours on a lovely summer night?
this recipe is especially simple, with only a handful of ingredients & few steps.
i've already made it twice this summer..

i think it's my new favorite shrimp dish.

i used this recipe from real simple (very fitting).
the only real modifications i made were seasoning the shrimp individually with kosher salt & freshly cracked pepper before adding them to the baking dish & using basil in addition to parsley. oh, and i used a bit more lemon juice than it called for because i am kind of a lemon fanatic. the cheese should be melted more, but i almost forgot about it (blashphemy, i know) and ended up adding it halfway through cooking time.

i served it on top of orzo (pasta in the shape of rice. love it!) and with fresh bread from the farmers market that i dipped in the juices. as you can tell from my plate, i'm a big eater. the shrimp are obscured by the massive amount of tomatoes. i took alll of them because joel isn't a tomato fan  (i didn't mind). he also isn't a salad fan, so i made him roasted broccoli instead (my favorite way to cook broccoli.)

i hope all of you shrimp lovers give this dish a go! it's a perfect summer meal, in my opinion.


Krystal said...

that looks really good!! i haven't been able to visit in awhile, so this is the first time i'm seeing your header, it rocks!!

Meg said...

i am absolutely making this. AND roasted broccoli... i've never tried it any way other than steamed! excellent mid-week meal, thanks megs!

Beth said...

sounds & looks so yummy! thanks for sharing...can't wait to try it :)

Stephanie said...

That looks so delicious!! And so yummy!

Kelly said...

Yum! Darryl would love this!

jozen said...

i will be making this tonight!! looks so yum!