Wednesday, July 13, 2011

{wednesday wishlist :: anthro sale section}

i usually scan through the anthropologie online sale section weekly,
even if i cannot afford to get anything (so dumb.) i just can't help myself.
if i did have the extra moolah, these are the lovelies i would be most
likely to snag. as you can see, i am in need of tops & accessories much more than
bottoms, particularly simple, versatile ones.
these items are at prices that i actually feel somewhat comfortable with,
excluding the pink belt & the scarf, which, of course, are my favorites.
funny how that works..
{of-the-ages pullover}
{rainbow boa scarf} i sooo wish this was cheaper!

{hace sol peasant top}

{doubled-back belt}

{montgomery blouse}

{backbone belt}

p.s. thank you for your encouraging comments and your prayers in response to my melancholy post yesterday. you guys are amazing. i am feeling a heck of a lot more hopeful today. God is good! always.


VeganCraftastic said...

I LOVE that white top, so cute!

Anna Elder said...

i want it all. especially the first 2 tops. so cute. glad you're feeling better. you look adorable with the turband! i tried to find one this weekend, but couldn't. headbands always fall off my head, but i think these would work wonders!

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Loving that first top!!

Kelly said...

oh, the white top is so pretty!!

fernandflora said...

Oh Anthro. So tempting.. Love that white belt.

Lauren said...

i an currently interning at anthro and see these beautiful and pricey clothes nearly eve day - so. tempting! i will have to reward myself eventually with some frocks and such

Melanie said...

I like to scan the sales at Anthropolgie too but then I think, "What?! This is still $80!" That's not a sale in my mind.

Laura said...

That orange top is amazing. But what I really want is their dress form.

Krystal said...

I kept scrolling down on this post and each item kept getting better and better!

jozen said...

i only buy stuff at anthro when it's on sale! LOL

Jenni Austria Germany said...

ahh i die over anthro... ps i may have told you this before but your blog header is the cutest i've ever seen!

Olivia said...