Sunday, January 29, 2012

{glitter banner DIY}

i have been on a crazy decorating kick lately.
you'd thinki had a baby on the way with all of this nesting i've been doing.
(did i mention i reorganized our entire house last month? more on that later.)
a couple of weeks ago, i wanted something new to hang above our bed,
but i had a tiny budget to work with. what i realllly wanted was this,
but since it was not going to work with my aforementioned tiny budget,
i decided to make this instead.

i used this tutorial from lovely indeed that i pinned over a year ago.
it is super easy but also super messy. joel popped in while
i was making it and said, "looks like preschool craft time."
haha. in kindergarten, i actually got a bad marking on my report
card for my aversion to using glue because i hated getting my fingers sticky.
it turns out i still hate it. but it was worth the final results.
it was just to pick-me-up our bedroom needed.


♥ glue
♥ glitter (i used Recollections tinsel glitter in Paradise from Michael's)
♥ printer paper or cardstock (i'd recommend the latter; mine was somewhere in between)
♥ scissors

that's it! the only think you will likely have to purchase is glitter.
and the process is super simple. i recommend doing the gluing on an old towel/cloth.


♥ print out letters onto the paper of your choosing in the font of your choosing
    (i used arial bold in 250 pt).
♥ cut out letters
♥ working with one letter at a time, smear the letters with glue and then douse them
    with glitter. don't hold back. you want the entire letter glitter-fied.
♥ let dry & then shake off the excess
♥ hot glue top of letters to string

easy as pie! just be prepared for a sticky, glittery mess :) you will be vacuuming up glitter.


Faith said...

It looks so sweet above the bed!

Olivia said...

super cute!!!!

Dancing Branflake said...

So sweet!

moxiemandie said...

LOVE it. Great job friend!

Melanie said...

Every room can benefit from a bit of sparkle.

Anna said...

love it! and love the pop of color in your bedroom!

fernandflora said...

So cute Meg! I made some candles covered in vintage paper and glitter for Christmas gifts this year. I only needed just a hint of glitter but managed to get it ALL OVER the kitchen and dining room. It's such a mess but totally worth it.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I do have photoshop and that's where I made the bathroom collage. Don't know what I would do without my blessed Photoshop!

Hope you're having a lovely week!


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