Wednesday, January 4, 2012

i'm back for good.

hello, strangers! happy 2012!! (how surreal does that sound?!)
i've really missed you all & the blogging community in general.
but guess what one of my new year's resolutions is?
to get back into blogging on a regular basis. yay.

since it's been so long & since i finally got an iPhone last month (wooooo!),
i thought i'd share some photos i've taken with it, just to give you a little
peak into my holiday season (which i am so sad has come to an end).

i miss looking at this tree. why do the holidays have to fly by?
new year's eve with college friends at a "cottage" in beautiful northern michigan

spent christmas eve & christmas day at my parents'.
visited joel's family the day after Christmas & got to see our adorable niece Riley.

excited to be blogging again!!


Dancing Branflake said...

Welcome back! Cottages in Michigan sound so fun! Glad you had a wonderful holiday and I'm so glad you are back to blogging.

Olivia said...

yahoo . welcome back sister

Kelly said...

Welcome back!

-Kasey said...

Welcome back!... although im a new follower so I guess I feel like im starting from the beginning then?

Great photos, looks like your Christmas was warm, cozy and fun! :0)

fernandflora said...

Lovely to see you again (so to speak)! Happy new year! Looking forward to following your adventures once again. xo

Nicole said...

yay for back to blogging. i pretty much adore it. :)

also, teeny bit jealous on the iphone. as i've been craving one lately.

happy new year, dear!

Lindsey said...

that was such a fun night! miss you guys already!!!

Sarah C. said...

Hey Megan! I'm glad to be back, too. I've really missed it, but you know how life gets ahead of you sometimes. Can't wait to catch up around these parts!

Sarah-Anne said...

Welcome back girl! You have been missed :)

Baju Muslim said...

I like that that you say {as|like} my friend thanks