Sunday, February 26, 2012

shop stuff.

since Christmas, i have taken a bit of a hiatus from my shop. i've kept us with orders & worked on a custom order, but not much other than that. i was so busy around the holidays, getting ready for my craft show and filling orders, that i felt pretty run down afterwards. i needed a break.

hubby's class/work schedule has been a bit more relaxed this semester (though it's about to get crazy) and i wanted to take full advantage and spend more time with him. i wanted to work on DIY projects that i never allowed myself time for before (and i have so enjoyed them & have more to share soon). i also wanted to relax once in awhile! even read through entire magazines (gasp!). anyone who has a day job and owns a handmade shop knows what a challenge & how incredibly draining it can be. i got a little tired of feeling like every minute of my spare time, weeknights & weekend, should be devoted to my business. because it shouldn't be. i'm missing out on the life God has called for me if it is.

after my much-longer-than-intended hiatus, i'm feeling very refreshed and ready to dive back in. i still have a passion for the handmade market, and i fully intend on continuing to carve my place in it. i'm just not going to allow it to steal my life away.

with that said, i listed a few items this weekend that have been ready to list for months. i plan on adding more new items over the next couple of months. and i'm excited about it!
aubrey earrings | josephine necklace | feather earrings | beatrice earrings

find these pretties and lots others here. and, for a limited time, get 20% off all orders with coupon code YAY20


Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} said...

So pretty! Love the dainty feather earrings. :)

Laurel Ann Walker said...

I think I just hearted a gazillion things in your shop. You make so beautiful pieces of jewelry!

moxiemandie said...

So happy for you! I just closed my shop & am so anxious to start making things for myself again. :)