Sunday, April 15, 2012

can't get enough of coral!

i don't usually get too worked up about lingerie, but i also don't usually come across lingerie this ridiculously lovely. seriously, i can't get over how pretty it is. methinks it would make a perfect anniversary gift.

{coral blooms bra}

although in reality, i would most certainly rather have a weekend getaway as our gift, like we usually do. we will most certainly be due for a prolonged period of quality time. having a hubby who is working toward his PhD (almost done with his classes, woohoo) and working full-time, not to mention leading the band at our church once a month, means the quality time we do get is cherished indeed. trying to not be a negative nancy, as his schedule doesn't seem to be lightening up anytime soon.. i can't stand the thought of him being busy (teaching classes, going to class and seeing clients) every single weeknight in the summertime!! i get quite mopey thinking about it.

any of you out there relate? i know i'm not the only one with a hubby in school. it would be great to have a friend in the same boat!


Dancing Branflake said...

Oh goodness, yes I can relate. My husband is graduating in just a few weeks to get his juris doctorate degree, and that means I won't see him at all this summer because he'll be prepping for the bar. And then I won't see him at all for the rest of his life because he'll be working nonstop. Haha... snarky about the last comment.

moxiemandie said...

Oh yes, I can totally relate. I just kissed mine goodbye as he will be at the library studying & then taking an exam for the better part of the day, after taking an all day class yesterday.moh, & we work totally opposite schedules, too! It's going to get better, right?

Linnea Wheeler said...

Meg, I just told Chris the other day that I'm more jealous of his homework now than I was when we first got married! :( He also is coming close to being done with classes, for which I am grateful! And this IS a very lovely piece of lingerie--love it!

Anonymous said...

Much older than you all and am married to a busy guy who works a ton, coaches our kids soccer, coaches another team as a volunteer, plays with our four kids and dog and manages his race horses, keeps track of some baseball and works some more. Fortunately we waited a long time to have kids!! I can relate though even though my hubby is not in school. It doesn't get easier!! just have to enjoy the snippets of time you do get together. We are going on lunch dates now that all kids are in school. Love your blog. I'm Kara Rosenberry's sis.
Kimberly S.