Monday, April 23, 2012

a winner! and some other stuff.

thank you to all who participated in the My Little Buffalo giveaway! has selected a winner at random and she is....

Aimee! congrats girl!! i will connect you with Lisa and she will get your pretty new print to you :)

photo by JoseVilla via ohhellofriend


hope you all enjoyed your weekend! mine involved lots of celebrating... my sister's birthday and a dear friend's baby shower. she is only my third friend to get preggers so it feels pretty surreal. but so very exciting! wondering who will be next. and no, it will not be me... we are waiting until Joel (starts and) finishes his dissertation and gets hired in as a professor at who-knows-what university in who-knows what town, who-knows-how-many miles away from our families. actually I should replace all those who's with God. He knows. He is in control. this is something i need to daily remind myself so that i can be at peace with all of this uncertainty and just live in the present. because there is so much to soak up. 


Meg said...

i love this! wherever you end up is where you will need to be... listen to your heart and you will both hear what you need to hear! we are dealing with the same thing right now, so it's a nice reminder xoxo

becca said...

there IS so much to soak up, and it's lovely to see God's potential for this time instead of being anxious and upset. babies are so exciting! isn't it terrifying to be in this age group now?