Tuesday, May 29, 2012

pre-anniversary weekend.

our anniversary (May 30) always falls sometime around memorial day weekend, so every year we take advantage of the long weekend and get away to celebrate, always road tripping it. first year, Niagara-on-the-Lake in Ontario; second year, Toronto; third year, Saugatuck.

this year, we were planning on taking an epic road trip to Asheville, North Carolina and i was ridiculously excited about it because we've been wanting to go there for years and have heard so many good things about it. i was pumped to be surrounded by mountains and experience a new part of the country. and for a beautiful drive. sadly, the trip fell through because we were relying on a free hotel stay through my job, which didn't end up panning out. so we ended up having mostly a stay-cation, with one night away in Lexington (a small town on Lake Huron), where we stayed at a friend's cottage. 

hanging at the beach in Lexington on a beautiful day. 

Maggs LOVED the beach. he did lots of running around and swimming. the only reason he is not either running or swimming in this picture is because he is chained up after being naughty. 

walking home from town at sunset. notice Maggs in the water. 

maggs tired out after our trip. 

brunch at my favorite breakfast joint, Toast. and yes, i ate it all. (i am now back to eating dairy and grains, just in much smaller amounts. this weekend, i splurged. more on my transformed eating habits soon.)

a pretty notepad (by Rifle, of course) i picked up at Paper Source (such a beautiful shop!). i'm going to use it to finally start making to-do lists! (they are usually mental). 

raspberry wheat beer at my new favorite BBQ joint (i am kind of obsessed with BBQ) recently featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (with Kid Rock, haha)

a very dark/weirdly lit picture of us at our anniversary dinner. 

{you can follow along on instagram here.}

though i still very much wish we were able to go to Asheville (and to stop over in Greenville and meet this cutie), i am grateful that we were able to spend so much time together and really reconnect. with Joel's mad schedule, it's so important that we take time to do so. i am feeling refreshed now and already looking forward to our next opportunity to have some extended quality time together & hopefully get away {last week of June, Joel has the week off, woot}. 


Dancing Branflake said...

Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful trip- cottages, good food, and the beach. Sigh...

I am so curious to know what Maggs did! Haha- naughty!

Linnea Wheeler said...

I'm so sorry your original plans fell through. It sounds like you still had a lovely time though--a cottage on the beach sounds just right for an anniversary! Happy four years!

Cupcakerator said...

It looks like you had a great weekend!

I just tried Woodshop a few weeks ago when I was in Clarkston for Mother's Day. Small world! I just love a good BBQ joint.

becca said...

Meg, so sad about your road trip! What a bummer. But I'm happy you guys found something else to do, and enjoyed it.
Your photos are wonderful!

Beth @ dot...in the city said...

what a great weekend! looks like you had a lovely and memorable time :)

ginanorma said...

looks absolutely lovely thought! AND MAGGS!!! I can't handle her, what breed is she again? Mini labordoodle? she looks SO much like my Nells! She melts my heart.

lovely lovely pics, how wonderful of a time you had!

Katie @ Chai Thoughts said...

Aw, I wish you could have come to Greenville too! Maybe next time. :) It does look like you guys had fun. Hope you're settling back into regular life okay.