Monday, May 14, 2012

moms are the best.

me & my momma, circa 1985.

me & my momma, circa yesterday

to all you moms out there (and those who are in mothering roles), i hope you had a blessed Mother's Day and realize the immense contribution you make to the world. you guys amaze me.

and you most of all, mom. i love you!


Jenni Austria Germany said...

is it weird that i really love your outfits in BOTH posts?

Sarah-Anne said...

ya'll are so cute. i can't even.

Faith said...

A good mom is such a priceless treasure!

Jennifer said...

Those photos of you and your mom are great!

xo Jennifer

Kate S said...

Aww so cute! I love looking back at old pictures and comparing them to current ones. :)


Wild and Precious said...

that first picture is to DIE for AMAZING!!!


PLLLLEASE come to influence. that would be SOOO amazing!

bridget anne said...

these are so sweet! mother's day posts are just my favorite. i wish i could save them all and look back for inspiration. moms are so special. loving your blog, miss! xo.

Christa said...

You and your mom are adorable, 1985 and 2012!