Saturday, May 19, 2012

week in instagrams + links

this week absolutely flew by. actually this whole month has. can't believe next weekend is our anniversary weekend! still up in the air how we will be celebrating, but it will definitely involve some kind of road trip - hopefully a big kind. we are in serious need of some unadulterated alone time, that's for sure. having a hard time coping with Joel's schedule.. it is more chaotic than ever. we have barely had a chance to talk this week.. I saw him for a total of about 5 minutes yesterday and have had very little time with him tonight (Friday!) oye. but there is still so much to be thankful for. and it won't be long until Joel's weeknights free up (this fall!!!)

my new bike I picked up for a whopping $5 at a garage sale | bubbles with the most precious 2-yr old that I babysit for a couple times a week | garlic naan with mesh mozzarella and tomatoes (I'm saying goodbye to gluten, grains & dairy for now - eep!) | a handmade wreath for mother's day | a pretty package from oh, hello friend | | mother's day lunch at french laundry :: eggplant napolean | a new outfit

some noteworthy links from the week ::

have a happy weekend! i'm off to the farmers market this morning (time to get my herb garden started!), then to my parents to help my sister get ready for her friend's bridal shower (lots of baking & making fruit kabobs!), then a date night with Joel (gasp). tomorrow will be for tackling my to-do list. and of course, i'll be spending plenty of time outside, as it's supposed to be sunny and in the 80s! what are you up to this weekend?


Beth @ the city said...

that bike was a serious find! i've been checking craigslist and will start garage saling for one soon :)
we have a date to celebrate our second anniversary tonight and i can't wait!

Elizabeth said...

That bike is delicious! Five dollars! Man. I would have elbowed you out of the way for sure if I had been there.

Kelly said...

what a great bike! wow!
eggplant parm is my fave...yum!

Wild and Precious said...

are you kidding me!? $5 for that bike. SCORE!!

Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} said...

woohoo for a $5 bike! how cool is that? ;)

ginanorma said...

Fun seeing your pics, and awesome links you gave us!

ALFIE said...

that outfit! lovelove!
and the eggplant! delish! MUST try french laundry :)

as for the goats milk-- i'm in the process of getting hooked up with a goat farm to get ACTUAL fresh milk-- but for now-- I get mine from the organic aisle at Kroger. It's really quite good :)

good luck with the herbs!!!!

ALFIE said...

oh! and ps: love the driscoll link :) herehere!