Monday, June 4, 2012

a full, happy weekend.

this weekend was a full one, surrounded by people i love.

saturday morning was spent at the farmers market (LOVE that I can walk there), where i found some great deals, including these peonies for $6 (swoon!)

saturday afternoon we went to one of the most beautiful & magical weddings i've been to of a dear, old friend. the ceremony was at a lakefront and the reception in a tent strung with lights. the forecast called for rain and we even got a violent wind storm back at home (just 20 miles away), but the nasty weather skipped the wedding site. God was definitely cheering this amazing couple on; it is very clear they are meant to be together. they are so rooted in him, it is a beautiful and inspiring thing.

are you kidding me?! so, so sweet. 

got to spend time with my sis and some of my favorite people. in case you can't tell, that's my sister with the red necklace. isn't she gorgeous?!

Sunday was spent at my parents with extended family to celebrate my mom's birthday.  we ate good food, talked, laughed, watched baseball and played frisbee. my brother was home too.. i love it when we are all together. 

how did you spend your weekend?
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Dancing Branflake said...

What a wonderful weekend indeed! Okay, I'm definitely going to dream of kissing my man on a lake now. Gorgeous!

ginanorma said...

sounds like a lovely packed weekend! I can not, no get over that wedding couple in that boat, what!? So great to hear it was a glorious weekend..and that is awesome that you can walk to the farmer's market:o