Monday, September 10, 2012

my garden does grow!

I was just thinking... I never did any updates on my first adventure in gardening. I'm happy to report that things did grow after all.. Quite bountifully in fact! Despite the intense heat we experienced this summer and the little amount of tending I did (I think I weeded once and haven't watered nearly enough). 

In any case, i have grown loads of arugula, kale, jalapeƱos, tomatoes (grape, beefsteak & heirloom) and the eggplant and butternut squash are just starting to pop up. I currently have a large colander brimming with tomatoes and that's after making a grape tomato salad last weekend to serve the entire music team at our church. I've made lots of salsa and caprese salads, will be making roasted tomato soup tonight and plan on making this later this week. I've even gotten hubby eating tomatoes in forms other than salsa! This is an exciting breakthrough, my friends. 

Kale chips have also become a staple in my diet, though I can't seem to get Joel on board with that one. But to me, they are addictive! Will now be looking for various ways to use my eggplant & butternut squash. With my first beautiful eggplant, I plan on making this from Smitten Kitchen. Not sure about the squash yet.. Perhaps soup? It is a pretty special feeling to cook with ingredients from your own backyard. I'm definitely going to stick with this gardening thing. Hopefully we'll end up somewhere with a great climate for it!

Have a happy week friends!


Dancing Branflake said...

I have got to start making these kale chips. They sound so good!

I'm super impressed with your new healthy eating. I love how you've stuck with it. Very inspiring!

Kelton said...

i explored the world of gardening for the first time this summer as well. my garden didn't produce quite as successfully as yours but still, it was so exciting! so many carrots and tomatoes...i think next year i'll try kale too. your blog is lovely, happy to have found it :)

becca said...

yay yay yay for your garden!

I am so envious.

fernandflora said...

Oh Meg, I'm so jealous of all your beautiful homegrown veggies. I wanted so much to get a garden growing in our backyard this spring but my month of bed rest that I was planning on before Ollie was born messed that up quite a bit. I want to plant a garden next year for sure. Way to go girl!

And regarding the green smoothie - our old blender was pretty crappy but still got the job done. Hopefully, yours will too. I had to stop the blending a few times to smoosh everything down and around and start up again, but it did work. Good luck! :)