Saturday, October 13, 2012


Since changing the way I eat, I've discovered how important breakfast is. I've said goodbye to cereal or breakfast bars on the go and now take the time to make something nutritious that is going to actually energize me and keep me full until lunch time. My favorites lately have been scrambled eggs with cheese and avocado, frittatas and Greek yogurt mixed with fresh fruit and honey or granola. 

I have also recently discovered that oatmeal can actually be quite tasty. There are so many mix-in options, from honey and nuts to dried fruits and fresh fruits. My favorite new combination is peanut butter and honey, topped off with bananas seared in coconut oil. Guys, you have to try this. It is delicious.

What are your go-to breakfasts? I would really like to start making fruit smoothies with a bit of greens mixed in, I feel like that is the healthiest way to start the day. But it's just so darned expensive and my blender kinda sucks. For those of you who make breakfast smoothies, do you use frozen fruits? What are your favorite combos?


Dancing Branflake said...

Seared bananas in coconut oil? You have just put a doorway to my heart. Love this post! So many great breakfast ideas!

I love a good ol egg white omelette with steamed broccoli. But I like your ideas better.

Jenni Austria Germany said...

i need to start by eating breakfast every day first.

and then i'll answer this question!

Kelly said...

Yum! That sound so good, I am going to try that with the bananas! We eat a lot of steel cut oats, and top them with flax seed, chia seeds, brown sugar, strawberries and blueberries.

becca said...

wow that really sounds good...and so nutritious!

two thumbs up to you for being kind to yourself & eating breakfast.