Friday, January 11, 2013

links from the week

{found my vintage wedding clutch while rummaging through bins of old stuff my mom brought over. spring cleaning is going down early over here}. 

Thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and share some favorite links from the week with you. This new year is off to a wonderful start. I'm back in a cooking kick, trying all sorts of new recipes using some new cookwear (woohoo), daydreaming about where we'e going to end up (so much excitement in our house right now!) and also I think my new year's resolution to rise early has really brought more joy, positivity and productivity into my days. Hope to gradually make it even earlier. 
- I've found a new go-to corn chowder recipe. Hubby is obsessed. Excited for leftovers tonight. 
- In case you're curious, so far the potential places we could be moving to this year are here, here, here, here and here. Apparently the West and NY are calling to us. The soonest we could know is early next month :o
- This is my new favorite way to prepare pork chops. Abso-freaking-lutely delicious
- I've just started reading this book (as part of my other new years' resolution to read before bed), and I really like it so far. 
- This carrot soup sounds delicious. I really want her cookbook. 
- Snagged this Anthro dress for free thanks to the 30% off clearance sale + the $28 store credit I received after getting a price adjustment on the present Joel got me for Christmas. A little tip: if they are out of your size online, call customer service & they will locate a store that has it & the store will ship it to you for free! 

Happy Friday friends! Hope your weekend is wonderful. 


Mandie Segura said...

Yay for a free dress! I'm glad your year is off to a happy start, friend!

Kelly said...

That dress is really pretty! I just recently heard of that book, it sounds good! I just put A Million Miles in a Thousand Years on my Kindle and am looking forward to starting it.

kristyn said...

my god, i am in love with that dress!! you lucky gal. and moving is sooooo exciting (if not nerve-wracking). i wish you guys the best! :)


Erika @ rouge + whimsy said...

bummer! no seattle! but portland is close to me :)

Krystal said...

let me know how that book goes! it looks good!

Anna Elder said...

LOVE that dress and I had NO idea they shipped for free from stores…that's amazing. And maybe I didn't need to know, haha.

Little Tree Vintage said...

that clutch is amazing. I hope you have a good week, that clam chowder sounds delicious :)

Seeking Style said...

Nice links!

xo Jennifer

becca said...

love these links....
and, SO exciting about the moving! I bet you're just walking around feeling crazy and adventurous all the time.

good luck and can't wait to know more!